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Instagram Korean 🇰🇷 250 followers increase / buy / buy

⭐️ [Details] Korean-style account! (Profile Korean)


[Caution / Request]

✔️ When ordering (adding to cart), please be sure to enter the current number of followers , Instagram URL or ID correctly on each specified form.
✔️ Refunds will not be given if the URL you provided is different or if the wrong URL or ID is entered.

Please check again if the URL is correct.

✔️ If the current follower number is not entered correctly, we may not be able to provide the service normally. Please note that we are not responsible for this.

✔️ Please refrain from private or changing the ID while working .

* If the ID is closed or the ID is changed, the work will be treated as completed at that point and the work will be completed.



[Korean culture is hot in Japan now]

Many posts based on South Korea are posted on the SNS "Instagram", which is popular with young Japanese women in their teens to 20s, and Japan is drawing a lot of attention from South Korea.

There are many posts related to Korea and coordination with the keywords "# I want to be Korean", "# Ulzzang" and "# Korean fashion". Korean fashion has clothes that look like K-POP idols, and many women have posted many miniskirts and pants styles, and they have a strong interest in and longing for Korea.

In addition, there is a central culture in drama, music and the Korean wave boom, and the Korean wave boom is currently taking place with Korea as the starting point.




Expected delivery time: 2-4 days (approximate)

It may change due to congestion.

* This service is not a Japanese account.

* Gender and rate of increase cannot be specified.


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Instagram Korean 🇰🇷 250 followers increase / buy / buy

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Â¥8,711Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

     Make sure that " Account ID, Video, Post URL " is correct, and that it is " Public ".

    In some cases, refunds can be difficult.

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