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By using the services provided by ABCSNS, you agree to these terms. By registering or using our services, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions. ABCSNS will not be liable for any loss to users who have not read the Terms of Use below.



1 (significance)

1. This agreement defines various conditions for customers to make purchases and other transactions on the services provided by (hereinafter referred to as “this site”).

2. This site may, in addition to these terms and conditions, define special provisions for the use of each service, other subordinate terms and guidelines of these terms and conditions, etc. regarding the use of this service by customers. The sub-contracts, guidelines, etc. of these Terms apply to your use of the Service as part of these Terms, and are collectively referred to as the "Conditions, etc."

3. If you use this service, it is deemed that you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

2 (Handling of personal information)

This site does not use, change, delete or disclose your personal information to third parties without permission.




3 (Contact / Advertisement)

1. This site may contact the customer by telephone or e-mail or other methods to conduct opinion surveys, transaction status surveys, hearings, etc. regarding the Service.

2. This site may contact customers by telephone, e-mail, postal mail, or other means in accordance with laws and regulations, etc., for campaign announcements, advertising, etc. regarding this service.


4 (Prohibitions)

1. Customers are prohibited from using the Site in the manner specified in the following items.

(1) Violation of laws, court rulings, decisions or orders, or legally binding administrative measures

(2) Harm to public order or good morals

(3) Providing benefits or other cooperation to antisocial forces

(4) Acts to transfer profits by crime and to promote or assist this

(5) Spoofing or intentionally sending false information to a third party

(6) Applying for product purchase without intention to purchase

(7) Not accepting goods without just cause

(8) Returning goods without just cause

(9) Own transactions, internal transactions within related parties, fictitious transactions

(10) Unauthorized access act or act to promote this

(11) To induce malfunction of this service

(12) Use, creation, or distribution of external tools that cause the Service to make use of bugs that are not normally intended or that have normally unintended effects

(13) Excessive load on the server, computer, etc. of this site

(14) Sending or distributing harmful programs such as computer viruses to this site and other third parties

(15) Acts that hinder the operation of this service

(16) Use of this service for unjust purpose

(17) Violate the Terms or violate the purpose of the Service

(18) Violation of these terms and other rules and guidelines set by this site

(19) Acts that conflict with criminal acts

(20) Any other judgment that this site is inappropriate

2. If you violate the provisions of the preceding paragraph and do not fulfill our obligations to this site, this site may take some or all of the measures specified in the following items without notifying you in advance: .

(1) Suspend your use of the Service or suspend or cancel your membership

(2) Suspending the fulfillment of a product transaction

(3) requesting that the customer pay the price in a manner different from the payment method selected at the time of ordering;

(4) Cancellation of points, coupons and other benefits, and return of unfairly obtained profits to customers


3. This site does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to customers by taking the measures described in the preceding paragraph.

4. If you violate the Terms and cause loss or damage to the Site, you shall return to the Site the profits you have gained from the breach and immediately report the damage caused to the Site. I have to compensate.

5 (pause of service provision)

1.The Company shall be able to suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of the Services without prior notice to the User if any of the following applies:

(1) The system that performs an emergency inspection or maintenance

(2) If the computer or communication line is stopped due to an accident or an external attack by a third party

(3) When the service cannot be operated due to the inevitable power of natural disasters such as lightning, disasters, earthquakes, etc.

 (4) In addition, if we determine that it is necessary to stop or suspend


The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the User due to measures taken by the Company under this Article.


6 (refund)

(1) If the products (services) purchased on this site are not completed within 14 days from the delivery date, we will refund the uncompleted amount. (Excluding services that are expected to indicate the number of subscribers, bulk purchases, or delivery date) If you want a refund, you must apply from the "Contact Us" form within 7 days from the first 14 days from the delivery date there is. (Refunds will be invalid after the 22nd day from the delivery date.) Please note that within 30 days after the refund request is received, the transfer will be made to the designated account (domestic bank account) with the same name as the purchaser. You. In the case of credit settlement, we will refund the credit card you paid.

Example: I purchased a service that increased the number of Instagram followers by 100, but only one month after the delivery date, only 90 people increased. * Since the completion rate is 90%, we will refund the unfinished amount equivalent to 10%.

(2) When using this site, if you use other companies (other services, etc.) together (improvement service), it will not be possible to judge the exact value, so the delivery date will be completed when the target value on this site is achieved . We do not take into account any improvement figures (purchases) of services that can be obtained externally. Also, when performing a partial refund, the value at the time of notification of the refund is calculated and the unfinished portion will be refunded.


7 (service)

The following is not guaranteed by the content (followers, views, subscribers, etc.) obtained by using the services of this site.

(1) Acquisition of followers, views, etc. does not guarantee other secondary effects.

(2) While we strive to achieve the best possible results for all accounts, we do not guarantee 100% upload of all accounts, profile picture, complete bio, or photo.

(3) No refunds or cancellations are accepted because the above effects cannot be obtained.

(4) When using other sites and other services (external) while using this site, it is not possible to accurately judge the number of improvements, so we achieved the target numerical value on this site without considering external purchases Delivery will be completed at that time. External numbers cannot be considered at all.

(5) After starting the work (after purchasing the service), if an operation that makes it physically difficult or impossible to view from the outside, such as changing the account ID (@) or un publishing the account, posting, or video, is performed. , Refund and cancellation may not be possible.

8 (Responsibility of this site)

(1) This site does not take any responsibility for suspension of account of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other social media service or deletion of media.

(2) If any troubles occur outside due to the use of the content (followers and number of plays, etc.) provided on this site, this site does not take any responsibility and responsibility.

9 (Cancel)

As a general rule, cancellation and refund of service at customer's convenience are not possible.



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