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YouTube Comments Japanese 20 Japanese

Please describe the content of the comment and the URL of the post in each message.


* Caution-If the URL provided is different, no refund will be given.

Please check again if the URL is correct.

Please refrain from private operations during work .

* If it is made private, the work will be completed at that point.


Delivery time: Immediate to 1 day (approximate) ★ Early and same day

It may change due to congestion.

In case of congestion * About 1 week

YouTube Comments Japanese 20 Japanese

Sales Tax Included
  • ・ Please use one line per comment. * From the second line (line feed)

    Please fill in the message on the right.


    Example: When purchasing 10 comments


    thank you! (1st line)

    Hello! (2nd line)

    good evening! (3rd line)

    etc ...

    interesting! (10th line)


    * If more than the number of orders is stated, the comment will not be reflected if it is over-commented.


 Make sure that " Account ID, Video, Post URL " is correct, and that it is " Public ".

In some cases, refunds can be difficult.

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