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YouTube playback time / viewing time + 3000 hours UP plan
  • ✅ This service is a service that improves / increases "playback time" + 3000 hours by approaching the YouTube video specified by the customer.



    ✅ Please correctly describe the details of your request, " total playing time of the current channel" , and " YouTube channel URL you want to improve " in each message.



    ✅ [Work flow]

    ① First of all, please check [Request for purchase].

    (2) After purchase, a dedicated talk room will be created, so please enter the [URL of the channel you want to increase] and [Total playing time of the current channel] in each item column.

    ③ After confirming the contents of the contact, we will proceed with the work, so please wait until the work is completed.

    ④ After the work is completed, we will notify you of the completion of the work.

    ⑤ After contacting "Notice of work completion", if there are no problems, the work is completed.


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    [Features of this service]

    ⭐️ Reasonable price

    ⭐️ Many repeats!


    [Recommended for people like this! ]

    ✔️ I want quick playback time!

    ✔️ I want to reduce the cost as much as possible and increase the YouTube playback time

    One of the prerequisites for adapting ads on Youtube is to have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of playback time.




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    YouTube playback time / viewing time + 3000 hours UP plan

    ¥30,100 Regular Price
    ¥29,799Sale Price
    Sales Tax Included
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